What Not To Write

I think I have the opposite to Writer’s Block although the results are alarmingly the same. I have loads of ideas and projects that I can and want to do, but deciding which one to do has left me writing absolutely nothing. Even worse, I’ve started a blog which wasn’t even on my list in the first place.

But that is typical of me I guess. I’ve always had a knack for being ok at a lot of things but then moving on quickly so not to admit the inkling that I had beginners luck or not to feel like I had reached my limit (and realise that my limit was a long way from ‘Phenomenal’). Yes, I have always felt loved by my parents – I don’t know where I get it from.

It started when I decided to write a sitcom. Although I had the typical aspiring writer’s illusions of grandeur (and I still do) I knew wasn’t a complete amateur as I had been writing (self-proclaimed) humorous articles for a few years, so I knew I had to learn the structure of sitcom and did so. I then started writing scenes before episode outlines and soon realised I was a complete amateur.

Anyway, work was hectic and over the next few years I created detailed characters, storylines, episodes and finally my first draft of the pilot. At present all I need to do is add a bit more flesh to a few scenes and redo a storyline. Then it will be finished, and that’s the reason I haven’t touched it since. IT WILL BE FINISHED – ie ready for everyone to tell me my dream idea/concept/career is just another ill-conceived idea of mine.

So I (thanks for still reading this, by the way) decided to dump it and learn how to write screenplays instead. After all, films are my first love (I’m sure it was sitcom (shut up!)). So I went on the famous Robert McKee Story course and fell in love with film. So now I have about twenty or so film ideas but can’t decide which one to outline or treat first. I talk myself out of them one-by-one by deciding that they have elements of existing movies in them – completely ignoring the fact that there have been two Hulk movies in recent years.

Finally, there are sketches. I had no interested in them but was advised to get interested in them at the start of this year so I could get into the industry (apparently its one big place, like Debenhams). The only shows that took unsolicited material were a couple of topical BBC radio sketch shows and amazingly I got stuff broadcast with both and now there are a few opportunities to do more sketches.

Lets not even go into my book idea as I have eliminated for now, although tomorrow is another day. And I have already written some dialogue. And… I’d better stop now.

So welcome to my head scratching world… I’ve just had another idea for that book…


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